Tom Mercoglan New Music

1. "Set It Up"  Tom Mercoglan with Josh Herzog and Lucas Roethke. Impromptu original demo from Luke [Download]
2. "All Love Of Mine"  Tom Mercoglan, most recently written song-demo performed with Josh Herzog [Download]

Snook Bros "Hard Roots" New Music

Vinny Armanino – Guitar
Dave Keveston – Guitar & Vocals
Josh Herzog – Bass
Doug Levey – Drums
Tom Mercoglan – Guitar & Vocals

1. "The Sunshine"  Written by Tom Mercoglan. Check out the official music video for The Sunshine here. [Download]
2. "Something Happened"  Written by Tom Mercoglan. [Download]
3. "Stonington"  Written by Tom Mercoglan. [Download]
4. "Surf Taco"  Written by Tom Mercolgan. [Download]
5. "Sweet Soul Sound"  Written by Dave Keveston. [Download]
6. "Song for Troy Davis"  Written by Matthew Thomas Meade. [Download]

Archived Music

1. "Radiation Rock"  An original Breakers [Download]
2. "All By Myself"  The Breakers [Download]
3. "Rio De Rosa"  The Breakers live from a KUMN radio broadcast. Abq. NM. [Download]
4. "Jello Sal"  The Breakers with Ted Wahl (R.I.P.) on lead vocal. Ted was not only a crazy solid bassist, but also the band founder and prime booking agent. Recorded at Ted and Hadley [Download]
5. "Shake This Shack Tonight"  A welcomed change of pace song compared to The Breakers [Download]
6. "You Can"  The Breakers [Download]
7. "Cry One More Time"  Rank Stanger [Download]
8. "Frosty Morn"  Mooncat traditional instrumental- featuring Chris Schultz [Download]
9. "Barstool Blues"  Mooncat [Download]
10. "Take Away"  Tom Mercoglan original solo (post) demo. This was done after the Mooncat CD of the same name [Download]
11. "Suitcase"  Tom Mercoglan an original recent demo [Download]
12. "The End"  Tom Mercoglan [Download]
13. "Dry Land"  Tom Mercoglan original solo demo. This was the blueprint for the wall of sound studio recording which serves as the first track on the upcoming [Download]
14. "After The Gold Rush"  Tom Mercoglan performing Neil Young [Download]
15. "Coal Tattoo"  Tom Mercoglan adaptation of this coal mine/ labor song, From Luke [Download]
16. "Working On A Building"  Tom Mercoglan [Download]
17. "Cover Me"  Tom Mercoglan performing this Bruce Springsteen tune. From Luke [Download]

Bonus Tracks

1. "Cash On The Barrelhead"  Bonus Track [Download]