Tom Mercoglan

The beginning of a passion

A lifelong calling, can begin in childhood. Luckily, I knew what mine was from an early age. If your spirit and your ears are willing, please take a musical journey with me – past, present and future.

Every few weeks, I will release a few songs from my catalog for free. With each song, I’ll also give you some background information about the recordings.

This will all lead up to the release of three new recordings:

Out in Altamont by Tom Mercoglan

Hard Roots by The Snook Brothers

Live Roots by The Snook Sisters

It is with a great deal of thanks that I wish to acknowledge all those who have helped shape these songs on and off stage, in and out of the studio and for those who have passed on – you know who you are (hopefully).

So let’s get this train on track!


Tom Mercoglan


Rio De Rosa by The Breakers

This rock-a-billy band had a good run playing venues stretching from San Antonio, TX to Boulder, CO. We were based out of Albuquerque, NM. I was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; Armando Ortega, whose world beat band Wa-Go-Go is still going strong, handled the lead guitar duties; The other two members have passed on – the drum monster Tom VanVleet and Ted Wahl on bass. Ted also founded the group and served as our booking agent.

Cry One More Time by Rank Stranger

Based out of Schenectady, NY, this alt-country rock band was the only plugged in group that I was able to play in with my brother – Snook Mercogliano (1948-2007). He’s the only musician I ever saw who could play drums, sing and play harmonica in the same song. He also booked most of our gigs. Jim Metz was rock steady on bass. Mike Bazicki added the crunching lead guitar. Jim and Mike still play together in the band Whatever!

Dry Land by Tom Mercoglan

This solo demo worked as the basis to build ideas that would become the full-blown studio version, which is the first track on the upcoming album, Out in Altamont.